Listening to your favorite music on your smart phone, as you go on with the chores daily, has become habitual for many and this has been further made plausible with the many new apps online. And for the Apple users, iTunes have been the go to place for getting all their favorite music and movies and ring tones.

Free iTunes Gift cards

Free iTunes Gift card


Of course, if you use iTunes extensively then you already know that there is a cost to every download you make from this store. This probably impedes the amount of music you want to listen to or puts a brake on nonstop entertainment for you. But this is again made simple, thanks to the new iTunes Gift code generator.

What is iTunes Gift code generator?

A perfect gift to everyone who loves music and movies, the iTunes gift card come in various denominations viz., $25, $50 and $100. And the denominations mean that you need to pay that amount in order to purchase the gift card. But what if there is an option to get this gift card for free, without having to spend a single penny out of your pocket or out of others? Well, wouldn’t that be a dream come true? That is exactly what the iTunes gift card generator does for you.

Comprising of complex coding and algorithms which are designed to tap into the iTunes server through a back door and get you a genuine gift card code the iTunes gift card generator is a model of what many intelligent minds can do when put together. With many different and passionate programmers using their expertise and experience in making this generator, you are guaranteed with a 100% valid and working gift code without any form of compromise on your personal and financial information. With no price tag attached to these generators, they are definitely the best solution to get free music and movies on your Apple phone or tablet.

How does the generator work?

The iTunes card generator uses a code that taps into the database of gift codes in the iTunes store and search for the gift code that has not been used since. The gift codes are a 16 digit alphanumeric code, hyphenated at every 4 digits. Since this is not a random number generated but a code from the iTunes store itself, that have not been used, you are guaranteed of the same working absolutely fine.

How to use the iTunes code generator?

Using the iTunes might seem a little uphill when you compare with the interface of the iTunes gift card generator. It is very simplistic in design and is designed keeping the novices, who are completely oblivious to technology, in mind. The link for reaching the generator has been provided in this page and you can simply click on it to reach the main page of the generator website. Upon reaching the website, use the following instructions to get your gift cards from iTunes for free.

  • The generator is a common forum to get gift cards from multiple websites and hence for iTunes, you need to choose the iTunes option.
  • You will be directed to another page where you have to choose the denomination of the gift card that you want to buy. It can be either $25 or $50 or $100.
  • The generator will start connecting to the server to get you the 16 digit alpha numeric code and will display the first 12 digits as well.
  • In order to get the last four digits, you need to complete a verification to prove that you are human.
  • Upon completion of the verification, you will be able to see the entire code on screen and you are all set to use them for purchases in your iTunes store.

The generator works quite immediately and you will see your code within a few seconds of completing your verification. However, you may find a slight delay when there is a huge overload on the server or there are too many requests pending. Rest assured, you are guaranteed to get your hands on a 100% working gift code and for no cost.

What makes the iTunes card generator so special?

There are many facets to the iTunes code generator that endears it to the music lovers. Of course, it does provide you the perfect chance to listen to your favorite music or watch your favorite movie without any additional cost. Other features that make the generator a step ahead are,

  • It is an online generator which means that there is no requirement for you to download any program or run any software or install an app in order to make it work. You can simply type in the link in your browser or reach the page through the link here.
  • Being an online generator it also eliminates the possible threat of downloading a malware or any other harmful virus on to your device. Your phone and tablets and your system are priceless. Let us not put them in threatening situations.
  • There is absolutely no cost involved at any stage of the entire process. The generator doesn’t even take your personal information like your iTunes account details that you have to worry about someone hacking later into it.
  • The anti-detection algorithm built into the programming ensures that there is no trace of your IP or any form of your presence detected by the security system at iTunes. This preserves your anonymity while giving you the opportunity to explore the world of music at your leisure.
  • And most importantly, the generator doesn’t limit the number of times you run it or the denomination you choose every time. So there is limitless cash at your iTunes store waiting for you to use against your favorite music or movie.


 It is quite easy for anyone to lose themselves in music but being short of funds can really interrupt your peace. Run the iTunes gift card generator for unlimited fun!