Love music? Then you definitely need to access the most happening app, the Spotify premium. With a huge collection of songs, and millions of users, you are never short of what you want, in music with the Spotify streaming service. While the Spotify is for free, the Spotify premium is unfortunately not. You are required to pay an annual fee to enjoy this mobile musical app. Spotify premium allows you to enjoy music without having to be interrupted frequently by advertisements and there are many other features that you don’t get unless you pay.

free spotify premium



Free spotify premium code

Of course, we are here to provide you with a service that will ensure that you have unlimited music and with the features in Spotify premium, without shelling out any money from your pocket.

If you go on Google, then you would find thousands of websites that spill over when you search for a way to get Spotify premium for free. From simple hacks to complicated exploration of loopholes there is every possible method to ensure you get the music app for free.

But how do you know that what you find is what you are looking for? Or how do you know whether the hack is genuine and will not get you banned.

Well, you don’t. And that is why we bring to you a generator that will get you free credit into your Spotify account so that you have enough credit to enjoy music on Spotify premium but without spending any money from your pocket.

So how does this generator actually work? Excited to learn? Keep reading then.

The generator for the Spotify premium gift card has been created by masterminds in programming and people who are very passionate about music and want to level the playing field ensuring that everyone has access to the same kind of music like everyone. The generator uses a back door into the spotify website to get you the much coveted and much sought out gift code for your own use. The best part about this generator is that it doesn’t require you to spend any money out of your pocket. Yes, it is absolutely free!

So do you want to use the generator for your own benefit?

How to get free spotify premium account android & ios

Here are the steps to take you closer to getting the gift card that can be redeemed on Spotify for unlimited music.

  • The generator to get the Spotify gift card code can be reached through the link provided in this page.
  • The main page of the generator has multiple options across multiple platforms that offer gift cards and you have to choose the option marked as “Spotify”.
  • Now you are presented with three denominations to choose from for your gift card – $10, $30 and $60. Now there are no limits on which denomination you choose and given that you can run this generator again, you can try to put in the maximum at every run.
  • The second you click on the denomination, the generator starts establishing a connection with the Spotify server, going through lines of gift codes to get the one that has not been used as yet.
  • The gift card code for Spotify comprises of 20 digits of which the first 15 are revealed to you in a series of alphabets and numbers on your screen.
  • In order to reveal the final 5 digit code, you need to confirm to the generator that you are indeed human and not a robot.
  • The human verification step will involve you completing a simple survey and a successful completion of which will reveal the rest of the code on screen for you.

The code can now be used in redeeming against your favorite music in Spotify without any interruptions.

Are you worried on the genuineness and thinking of possible risks with the spotify premium free apk?

Then let us tell you right away that you see no risk in using this generator. We know this for sure because,

  • The generator doesn’t demand any personal information like your name or email id or contact details from you.
  • The generator doesn’t take any financial information from you either. So there is no threat of a charge being levied on your bank account at a later date.
  • The generator uses the best encryption standards while transmitting information to ensure utmost safety and security.
  • There is no need to worry on rooting or jail break of your device to use this generator. In fact you can login from any system generate the code and use it to get the amount credited into your account.
  • There is also no risk of getting banned as the program ensures no digital footprint of yours or that of the generator is left behind in the Spotify server that can incriminate you in future.

Are you still skeptical about using the free spotify premium with this incredible generator?

Spotify premium free download

Then let us take a look at the benefits you can gain by using this generator.

  • Endless hours of uninterrupted music from your favorite stars without spending any money, not even a single penny, from your wallet.
  • No risk of viruses, or hack threats or a possible misuse of card information as none of this is sought out during the run of the generator.
  • No digital footprints left behind which means that you are safe from the hacking process as much as you can be.
  • There are no limits on the amount that you can ask for in your gift card. You can just choose any of the three options presented to you and enjoy the benefits.
  • There are also no limits on the number of times you can use the gift card either. You can use it more than once in a day and you can use it on any day.
  • Works on all platforms on which you use Spotify, making it more compatible.


Enjoy unlimited music without any kind of interruption with the free Spotify premium gift card generator.