An online social platform designed to keep the children entertained without compromising on their safety, providing them the chance to chat with their friends, Moviestarplanet is definitely one of the most creative platforms there is. Every player in this platform can have a movie star character which they can personalize and you can use the same character in making movies of your own and also publish those movies for all to see. With the latest Moviestarplanet hack tool we provide you with the opportunity to make star coins and fame with no effort or time wasted.

Moviestarplanet hack

You can use the coins and fame thus gained to make multiple purchases on this game like getting new clothes for your personality, background movie scores, costumes that you like, props and other features for your movies, animations and more.

What is Moviestarplanet?

The Moviestarplanet is a platform that is designed for children between the ages of 8 and 15 to interact with their friends and enjoy gaming while doing so. With the option to make your own movie, your children will also get a chance to nurture their natural creativity.


It was in the year 2009 when the first edition of this game was initially launched in Denmark. It was a smashing hit from the time of launch and has been the most sought virtual world among kids. It has been highly successful and in 2013, was further launched in many other countries. The game has in fact registered more than 200 million users across the globe and the numbers are ever increasing.

What are currencies in Moviestarplanet

The game has multiple kind of resources namely, the VIP membership, fame, star coins and the diamonds.

  • Star coins are generally used for making purchases of movie backgrounds, clothes, costumes, music, props for movies and animations.
  • Diamonds are also used for making purchase of the above mentioned items.
  • VIP membership will give the player more privileges and access to much refined features that can help enhancing the experience in total. With this membership one stands to gain more of the star coins and more of the diamonds too. Also you will have access to some levels which are not given for other regular users.
  • Fame is something that you earn and with it your level will also move up. And with every upgrade to the next level, you will find more interesting features and a better animation. In fact as you progress, you will also have your own chat rooms.

The Gameplay

The game begins with the user creating their own movie star. There is a button marked as new user on the home page which will help you to start with the creation of your own movie star. Once you have created your movie star, you can then login anytime, use that personality to chat with your friends on this platform.

If you want to make a movie with your personality you can do so by choosing the option marked as Movie in the Creative corner. In order to make a movie, you can either use your own movie star personality or choose that of your friends’ or make a combination of both and more. You also have the option to change the costume of the movie stars using what they already own.

After you have chosen the stars in your movie and you have the costumes ready, you then move onto the next stage, the film studio. This is where you have to start making your movie which involves direction, dialogues for the characters and of course the animation.

You also have a bar on the bottom of the page called the timeline bar which will tell you the progress that you have made at each stage and the time taken for the same which you can use for deciding where your movie star should be and what they should be doing in the movie.

Once you have made the film, you can then share it with your friends by using the option marked as send to friends. For every posted movie, you earn a few star coins and a set quantity of fame.

There is also a chat area with a few chat rooms and there is also an area dedicated to games called the game area. The game area has multiple puzzles, quizzes, etc. which you can participate in and earn some more fame and star coins and diamonds.

Moviestarplanet hack

Similar to every other hacking tool, the Moviestarplanet hack tool also gives you access to almost every possible resource in the game. it is a generator that works through your online browser and it can help you to gain extra currencies that are much needed in the game.

With this tool, you stand to gain unlimited access to diamonds, Star coins, VIP membership packages and more. And the tool works absolutely for no cost.

How one gets more resources?

When you publish your video in the virtual world of the Moviestarplanet, your movie star will start earning the much needed star coins and the fame.

The star coins and fame are also credited to your account whenever your friends watch your movie, or anyone watches the movie, or when you get an autograph from them. You also make these currencies when you play a game in the game area.

For every movie that you watch, you stand to gain 10 star coins. Of course the person who has made the movie that you watch will earn more star coins and the amount is dependent on the level in which the player is currently in.

The star coins you get will be more if you are at a higher level. You can participate in competitions, win them and make more star coins, VIP membership and diamonds.

How to use Online MoviestarPlanet hack tool? The simple steps:
  • Use the above link to reach the tool.
  • Now choose the device on which you play the game. It is compatible on Mac, Android, Windows and iOS.
  • Now input the number of star coins that you need
  • Input the number of diamonds that you need.
  • Choose the period until which you want to enjoy the VIP membership.
  • Now provide your user id for the game and click on the tab marked as Generate.
  • Now you have everything you need to make the movie that will earn you great fame.
Is this hack safe?

The hack is absolutely safe and keeps you protected from viruses and other malware. The hack has been created by ingenious professionals who have a knack in programming. It is created for your personal use and doesn’t cost you any. There is no need to worry about complexities for the interface of the hack tool is completely user friendly. Given that this works through an online browser there is no need for any download or installation.

Can I use this tool multiple times?

There is no restriction on how many times you can use this tool. However you cannot use it more than once every day. So it is only one chance per day and you need to make the best use of it. Just ensure that you are stacked up with required star coins and diamonds that will help you manage a day without worrying for more.

Final words

The cheats that we have offered here are not just simple to use but they also provide you with unbelievable outcomes. You can get your hands on every resource in the game without any kind of restriction by using these tools.

Not every player has the affordability to get a VIP membership. Also not many have the time to play the game nonstop and make actual progress. This is where the Moviestarplanet hack comes in very handy. Enjoy the hack for free and enjoy the Moviestarplanet game without any boundaries!