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NBA 2K18 Locker Codes made available to all:

I know that you are one among those die hard fan waiting for the release of NBA2K18. Being the most anticipated game of this year, the demo NBA 2K18 release date has been fixed for September 13, 2017, where as you can enjoy the full release only by September 24, 2017.

Isn’t it the most relishing moment when you get those 100 percent reliable working codes for NBA2K18 game? Yes, it would open up a new world for you with all the locked features and extra players joining your account for free. But, beware of bogus sites which might not provide hundred percent working codes.

Though there are few bogus sites, there are many genuine sites still offering real and working codes compatible with PS4, PS3, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360 and Nintendo switch.

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NBA 2K18 Review & What to Expect:

NBA 2K18 Review is the most important information that fans are already searching for. Fans are pretty much expecting of what the game would deliver to them and what are the new features and excitement added to this game. Since the game is not released yet, there might not be full reviews available here but a gist of review is for you.  Some interesting news and info keep surrounding this most awaited game, we are going to cover them too.

A popular basket ball game series beginning with NBA2K11, it is becoming better with each series by inculcating new features and in fact has turned more realistic.  You feel like not playing a video game instead of a real basket ball on the court with real players. The best of all features that anyone can really be happy about is the availability of locker codes which can turn your exciting game even more exciting. Real locker codes for NBA 2K series will allow the players to unlock the features and gain access to locked content with not much of hard work or crunching your wallet.

What to Expect from NBA2K18

It might be hard to maintain the same interest level among fans for all the series but NBA 2K has successfully achieved it for all the past series. Talking about NBA 2K18, fans are definitely expecting some more interesting changes to be added to it.

All new and improved engine is what is expected in NBA 2K 18 which will give a more realistic playing experience for the users. Old school players are expecting an access to classic teams and it is, in fact, a must so that they can play classic matchups using their top players from the past against the rivalry new players. This explains clearly why NBA 2K18 Allen Iversion search term has been growing fast.

NBA 2K18 New Features Players Want

Trading for superstars is the most salient feature of NBA 2K series and players are expecting an easier trade in NAB 2K18. Previous 2K series didn’t allow a smooth trade for one top player for three. In fact, many players feel that the difficulty levels of this basket ball series need a good level of improvement similar to other video game like FIFA which are already working on it. Now, it’s the turn for NBA 2K18.

Face Scanning is the another feature that needs a look up because scanning with a phone is pretty much difficult comparing to PS camera. With long wait time, the scanning results are not meeting the satisfactory levels of players which definitely needs a fix.

Many players are suggesting to skip this option “The Plot In MyCareer Mode” from the storylines as they feel that it makes the game boring. Other things that need consideration in this new series is players on teams being relocated, the option of having more than two jerseys, and in addition, the retired jerseys and banners hanging from the rafters in team’s stadiums should be allowed to stay there. Being more frustrating for the players is when they see their hard earned banners and titles disappearing later.

The Place For NBA 2K18 Locker Codes:

With all these features that the players want to install in new series NBA 2K18 and now all that we could do is wait and watch. In the meantime, enjoy playing  NBA 2K17 with real and working locker codes available for all the platforms.

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