Tapjoy Hack

Today is a wonderful day to you all as I am going to share an Interesting News for all iOS & iPhone users. Yes, gear up your mood as we will be discussing on How To Do Tapjoy Hack To Get Huge Currency For Free on iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+. You will enjoy the most while reading this week as you are going to earn huge currency from your iOS & iPhone devices.

How To Do Tapjoy Hack To Get Huge Currency For Free on iOS 8+/7+/6+

The best way to earn huge money from iOS & iPhone devices is through Tapjoy hack. It is indeed an Advertising system which is pretty much easy and can actively pay you for performing different activities on your iOS devices. All you have to do is perform simple tasks to access and they are like watching videos, installing games or apps, etc

Tapjoy Hack

Let us have a few insight of TapJoy App

App Information:

The App name is TapJoy.

The current App Version is v1.2.

The size of the.Deb file is 11 KB.

Pre-Requirements for this App:

Requires any iTools such as “iFile” or “iFunbox”

Cydia App.

Jailbroken iPhone.

Compatibility of this app:

iOS 6+/ 7+/ 8+

iPad Air 1/2/3, iPad Mini 2/1,  iPod Touch.

iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 6S/6, iPhone6+/6S+, iPhone 7S/7, iPhone 7+/7S+.

Interesting Features to note about this app:

When you watch more videos you are porn to get huge Points and Coins.

Earn the currency with Ads is the most interesting and first feature to note on.

It will prevent Ads on Tapjoy.

We can easily Control the Pre- Pop ups.

Also, gives you more points when you install more Games on your devices.

How To Install Tapjoy Hack on iOS 10+/9+/8+/7+ Devices for free:

As a first step you need to unlock your iPhone and then you have to choose Cydia App.

Being an iOS user,  you need to follow the Cydia Usage Step given below.

Visit Manage option and then click on Sources. Next, you will be able to see Edit option, there you need to tap on Add.

The following Repos needs to be used to Add source.



  • When finished adding to repos, you need to wait for few minutes to let the Cydia load.
  • Next step is to visit Cydia and go to the search box to type for Tapjoy hack.
  • After finding the Tapjoy hack, tap on it to let it get Downloaded and installed.
  • Once done, you need to Reboot your device and wait for it to get opened.
  • After it is opened, go to settings and Try Enabling Tapjoy.
  • Our job is all done, you will be able to play on your iOS or iPhone Device and have fun with the games.

How To Hack With Tapjoy:

Here are the steps on How To Hack With Tapjoy

1) As a first step, you need to download .Deb file and Any of the iTools Like iFunbox or Fliza or explorer or WinSCP. These tools are pretty much important as they are helpful in transferring the files.

2) Next step is to open iFunbox and then Navigate to File System Feature option.

3) In that option, select “File System” which is available only for jailbroken Devices.

4) Next step is to put the.Deb file that you have already downloaded.

5) To perform the above step, you need to follow these option. First, visit the download location .Deb file and drag it.

6) Drop the file on this location to Install quickly. Either one will work, “Go to Var then click on Root option, next click on Media then click on Cydia and finally on AutoInstall”  or “Go to Var option and click on Mobile”.

7) The above step will allow it to get installed automatically, but you notice that it is still not installed, click on it to install.

8) As the final step, click on Resping Cydia to Access this App.

Pretty much Simple to Download and Install on iOS devices, you can complete the above operations in seconds. Install it and see how to succeed in the game. We are not done yet, scroll further to know how to start using this wonderful App.


How To Use Tapjoy Hack On iOS 8+/7+/6+ & iPhone:

It’s time for you to enjoy the  Coins or Points as a bonus after completing these easy and simple steps. Let’s now dive into the topic on How To Use Tapjoy Hack On iOS 8+/7+/6+ & iPhone

1) To enjoy using the Tapjoy hack, You need to Download & install Games, Apps and watch more videos on your iOS device by using Tapjoy.

2) Game or App developers need to Increase their App users number to obtain more income. This can be effectively achieved by Tapjoy as it will help you make a strong user base for their Game or App. This is possible by displaying their video or App on Tapjoy, which will then show ads on their Games leading to a spike in the number of users as well as the Revenue.

Isn’t it interesting? Yes, you can enjoy loads of benefits with  Tapjoy hack. All you need to do is follow easy steps that will not take much of your time and start earning in your own style.

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